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The Dem-3DTV was created as an innovation, experimentation and co-creation environment, where researchers, companies, standardization bodies and public institutions work together, searching for new solutions, products or services, involving real users in all the research process, promoting cooperation.

Research lines

Digital Image and Video Processing, Video Coding, Audiovisual Communications, 3DTV, Computer Vision, Multimedia, 3D graphics.


The Ministry of Industry, in collaboration with the public company and UPM, have established a Digital Content Production and Experimentation center within the Dem-3DTV, whose goal is the creation of educational programs for students and professionals.





One of the main activities of the Dem-3DTV as Living Lab has been the design and execution of Quality of Experience (QoE) tests, such as subjective video quality testing of of 2D and 3D video for standardization bodies, such as MPEG, and consortiums within European projects.


Subjective video quality testing for the new standard 3DVC (3D Video Coding)

Many aspects of 3D video technology are still the focus of important research works that pursue to provide the viewers with high-quality contents that will significantly improve their visual experience compared to traditional video. MPEG leaded the development of 3D video coding standards, under the name of 3D Video Coding (3DVC). The Dem-3DTV was one of 13 ITL (Independent Testing Laboratory) that MPEG selected worldwide for carrying out subjective quality tests of proposed 3D video formats and associated compression technology. The Dem-3DTV was specially equipped, according to international standards, for the evaluation of encoding algorithms in the displays selected by MPEG (stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic). The group of test subjects had to assess, as well as the quality of the sequences, other aspects such as the feeling of discomfort that sometimes 3D video content produces.



Proyect JEDI: “Just Explore Dimensions: End to End High Definition 3DTV for Consumer”

The main objective of the JEDI project was the study and development of an end-to-end 3D television (3DTV) system. In particular, an end-to-end processing chain for high quality stereoscopic video was developed using multiview video coding, satellite broadcasting networks and IP networks. Within the JEDI Project, the Dem-3DTV conducted a set of subjective 3D video quality tests, in which the overall 3DTV user experience with was analyzed. In this case, it was decided to avoid the traditional testing laboratories, defined by the ITU, which seek to minimize the elements that distract the observer: surrounding objects, display position, distance to the screen, brightness setting, etc.., as those are far away from the home environment to which 3DTV is intended. For this reason, a domestic living room was recreated in the space dedicated to the tests.





Work Team




    Narciso García

    Dr. Telecommunication Engineer



    Fernando Jaureguizar Núñez

    Dr. Telecommunication Engineer



    Julián Cabrera Quesada

    Dr. Telecommunication Engineer



    Esther Madejón López

    Telecommunication Engineer Technician