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The Dem-3DTV was created as an innovation, experimentation and co-creation environment, where researchers, companies, standardization bodies and public institutions work together, searching for new solutions, products or services, involving real users in all the research process, promoting cooperation.

Research lines

Digital Image and Video Processing, Video Coding, Audiovisual Communications, 3DTV, Computer Vision, Multimedia, 3D graphics.


The Ministry of Industry, in collaboration with the public company and UPM, have established a Digital Content Production and Experimentation center within the Dem-3DTV, whose goal is the creation of educational programs for students and professionals.





The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) held this thursday the Digital Professionals day. Students, teachers and professionals interested in the digital content field participated in it.

This initiative is the result of the agreement between the Ministry of Industry, through the public company, and the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE). The session, organized in cooperation with UPM, emphasized the importance of this new industry and professional opportunities, education offers, the available equipment and the most successful business cases. The meeting was collocated with an interactive marketing action that combined technology and creativity. This action emphasized the value of the digital content industry and it publicized the details of Digital Professionals program at UPM campus. The Centre of Production and Experimentation in Digital Content located at the Dem-3DTV is focused on stereoscopic 3D TV content and FTV for transmission IPTV. Since its creation, the University has reported a total of 6 training actions:

- 3DTV

- Image and video processing

- Production, storage, distribution and publication of TV content

- Video encoding

- Introduction to Mistika

The Centre collaborates with companies such as "Computer Graphic Solutions" for education and the "Banco Santander" for the realization of projects. The Centre collaborates with companies such as "Computer Graphic Solutions" in education and the "Banco Santander" in research projects. In the following video you can see that demo at the Centre of Production and Experimentation in Digital Content was a success:   


Work Team




    Narciso García

    Dr. Telecommunication Engineer



    Fernando Jaureguizar Núñez

    Dr. Telecommunication Engineer



    Julián Cabrera Quesada

    Dr. Telecommunication Engineer



    Esther Madejón López

    Telecommunication Engineer Technician