VLC 3D was designed and developed as an extension of the VideoLan Client player for Android that allows to display 3D content packed and coded in the Side by Side (SbS) format. This mobile application can be useful for auto-stereoscopic mobile devices (glasses free).

Application areas

- Displaying 3D video in mobile devices:Nowadays, the technological advances have turned our mobile devices into multimedia centers, although some limitations apply. Not every smartphone or tablet has a 3D viewing module that enables them to play 3D SbS videos or a view synthesis module views that can convert SbS videos into3D content for autostereoscopic displays.

- Immersive Videoconference in mobile devices: The last generation of mobile phones and the increase in bandwidth have made possible a “face to face” communication through mobile phones and tablets, making the information exchange more effective. Our VLC 3D app will add a greater perception of presence, offering more immersivity to the video conference.

Market demand

The evolution of the mobile-device market, has improved user experience and raised user demand, converting these kind of devices in ideal objects for developing new technologies. With this application we approach the 3D systems are evolving into auto-stereoscopic systems with depth perception to provide a better experience of proximity, valid for all 3D contents SbS existing in Internet and without being necessary to use special glasses.

Potential markets

The number of smartphone and tablet users in the world is growing every day. Because of that, big companies have decided to step forward and bet on the commercialization of mobile devices with glasses-free technology: LG, HTC, HP, Amazon, Android, Google, etc. The possibility of viewing 3D SbS videos that are currently available online, seems to be essential for this type of devices to succeed.