The Dem-3DTV is located in the Support Center for Technological Innovation(CAIT-UPM) in the International Campus of Excellence of Montegancedo.  

It was created in 2011, with the target of providing infrastructure that gives support for research, development and testing of three-dimensional television (3DTV) equipment. considering the whole chain of signal manipulation, composed of:

- Capture: The Dem-3DTV is equipped with a system of 3D compact cameras (semi-professional and consumer) and 2D cameras configured in a rig, allowing the acquisition of visual content from multiple viewpoints. Thus, the Dem-3DTV can generate its own digital content that is used, among other objectives, for the publication of research results.

- 3D distribution: To enable communications with of real presence, was developed. A real-time 3D transmission system over IP networks for commercial stereoscopic devices Currently, this system is moving toward real-time 3D transmission over IP networks for 3D autostereoscopic devices (glasses free), going beyond 3D telecommunications with real presence. Several demonstrations of this transmission system have been carried out to companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Banco Santander or Indra, and representatives of European and Asian universities.

- Postproduction: Several systems for the processing of stereoscopic signals have been acquired: both educational and professional. These systems include DI systems, edition, composing, effects and color correction for 2D and 3D productions, in any resolution from SD to 2K. They handle real-time processing of time-lines using high-end equipment and provide creative capacities and techniques that are superior to standard tools offered by other finishing and color correction systems.

- Display: The Dem-3DTV is equipped with a wide range of 3D display systems: several stereoscopic (two views) displays and TVs, with sizes up to 55”, for shutter and passive glasses, a stereoscopic projector with passive glasses and a 28-view auto-stereoscopic display that offers different viewpoints depending on the observer position, allowing perceiving visual information with depth and perspective. These systems can be used in the demonstration of new technologies and research results, both own and from external companies. 

The Dem-3DTV, due to similar synergies to those considered in the Living Labs, has the reason for living to collaborate with the audiovisual sector companies in all states of the innovation activity to generate a cross-fertilization. The Dem-3DTV was created as an innovation, experimentation and co-creation environment, where researchers, companies, standardization bodies and public institutions work together, looking for new solutions, products or services, involving real users in all the researching process, increasing the cooperation.